Waka Waka

165.00 AED

In a Mid-Summer Night, gaiety on the dance floor, he smiles shyly and moves to the beach outside, hinting at a midnight swim. Catchy eyes show his demanding mood, no one ever stop following him, he unbuttons his shirt, flashing bronzed skin and the scent of his spray energizing with its aromatic, spicy fougère facette.
A masculine impression of a day under the sun, intensified by the thrill of the night.


Avibrant scent , energizing with its aromatic, spicy fougere facette.
Sparkling bergamot with sharp ginger boost the juicy apple at the top.
The coolness of sage leads the way for spicy juniper, while delicate geranium dimly colors the fougere accord.
Woody vetiver blends with the cedar and the precious amber and fragrant incense. All while tonka bean adds the sweet warmth to the composition.

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